SEPTEMBER 14 18, 2011



last updated : 07/29/2011

QM3(SS) 1955-57 Jim & Alida HENDERSHOT
ETN2(SS) 1963-67 Paul & Mary Lou ROGGEMANN
RM1(SS) 1961-63 Ed & Carol RABBITT
IC3(SS) 1958-60 Hal & Sylvia WILLIAMS
TM2(SS) 1944-45 Chuck BETTY
IC1(SS) 1962-64 Mike & Dianne DONOVAN
ET2(SS) 1954-57 Joe CORBETT
MM1(SS) 1962-65 Dick & Marty FRENCH
EM3(SS) 1954-56 Skip & Marilyn GLOSSER
EN3(SS) 1963-66 Sam & Joy HITT
GM1(SS) 1950-52 Vernon "BUD" FRAZER
EM3(SS) 1961-64 Ed PARA
We are very grateful for the support received regarding our SILVERDALE reunion.  We all looked forward to seeing you again.

Unfortunately we needed MORE SHIPMATES to register to make a go of it and that just has not happened.  After crunching the numbers, we have come to a decision to CANCEL THE 2011 REUNION.  

We're optimistic that this will only be a temporary setback.  Feel certain that discussions will be ongoing and we will come to a decision on a time and place for another gathering.  We welcome all suggestions, so please let us know what you're thinking.

We all owe FRENCHY & MARTY as well as MIKE DONOVAN a  big salute for their tireless efforts in planning  for this reunion.  I can't think of anything more they could have done to make this a success.