Please consider the following proposed COMBINED REUNION to include SS-405, SS-406, & SS-407.


We discussed this possibility during our business meeting in CLEVELAND and there was support for visiting MANTOWOC, WI and visiting the museum boat there, USS COBIA in the future.


After duly considering this proposal, PLEASE email me and let me know if you feel that you would like to attend.  I would like to be able to provide a rough count to the reunion planners.



RSVP - JAN 15, 2019


Manitowoc Reunion Proposal


(Combined Sea Poacher/Sea Owl/Sea Robin?)


Dates: Wednesday 26 September – Saturday 29 September 2019


Fall Weather with fall colors emerging. Avg. temp range 63 High/47 Low


Hotel is Holiday Inn  $110 per day (+tax)


Package cost is estimated to be $200 per person.


26 September - Wednesday


Arrival Day


Hospitality Room to be open for welcome and registration

Dinner that evening (Probably at own expense at a common restaurant)


Note: Hotels do not provide shuttle service. Members and guests have two airport choices – Milwaukee (1 hour 45 minute drive) or Green Bay Austin Straubel  (60 minute drive) Make their own arrangements to get to the hotel. Cab service available. Cab fare from Green Bay is $88 plus tip.


27 September -  Thursday


Breakfast at hotel at own expense ($ 8-$11 per person)

Morning – tour of historic Manitowoc  (Rosey the Riviter)

Lunch “Lighthouse Inn at the Lake” (Family Style)

Tour of  Two Rivers commercial fishing. etc

Business meeting in hospitality room

Dinner on own


28 September – Friday


Breakfast at hotel at own expense

All day at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum


          Bus transport to Museum

          Welcome aboard by speaker from Museum

          Tolling of the Bells on deck of USS Cobia

          Memorial wreath to be placed in river

          Cobia Salute

Lunch at Harborside Restaurant (Own expense) One block from Museum


          Tour of museum

          Bus transport to hotel to allow everyone time to get ready for


Bus transport back to museum for banquet. Museum has facility for banquets with a view of the USS Cobia and river.

Engine Start (Most likely before banquet)


Dress Code: Evening casual (no jeans, shorts, etc)

Keynote Speaker to be from the museum. They have a retired 2 Star who is actively involved with the museum – will try to get him.


29 September – Saturday


Breakfast at hotel at own expense

Departure or:


Do an optional tour on Wisconsin Farming industry.



The Green Bay Austin Straubel  airport is serviced from 4 cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis.  Air fares from these cities range from $400 -$500 per person. This would be in addition to the airfare to get to these airports.



Item to consider: The Cobia ship keepers that will be on hand for the engine start, help to set up the tolling of the bells and tour of the Cobia are all volunteers. Recommend that they be invited to our banquet. Would only be a small additional charge when split up between 40 people.