SEPTEMBER 25-29, 2019




Manitowoc is a small picturesque community on the west shore of Lake Michigan located 40 miles south of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Manitowoc was a major World War II ship building port on the west shore of Lake Michigan. A variety of war ships were built at the shipyard including 28 submarines. Twenty five of the subs actively participated in WWII sinking 123 Japanese ships.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s a thriving fishery and lumber industry flourished in the Great Lakes. The ships of the era did not always fare well against the monstrous storms. Numerous shipwrecks lie beneath the waves.

 What can you expect in Manitowoc?

     A tour with Rosie the Riveter visiting top historical sites during WWII, some of

which are only locations accessible to submariner tour groups. The tour includes historic sites of Manitowoc.  Following the tour we will lunch at the Lighthouse Inn which overlooks the coast of Lake Michigan. In the afternoon we tour the Rogers Street Fishing village which includes a 1866 Lighthouse. The evening will be dinner on own with an opportunity to explore downtown and the waterfront. Transportation will be provided by the hotel in their shuttle van. If you have your own vehicle, drive yourself. Parking will not be a problem. To get a ride back, call the hotel and they will send shuttle.

            On the second day we will do tolling of the bells on the deck of the USS Cobia, Taps will be played and flowers placed in the river. An engine start, Cobia Salute and tour of the sub will follow.  We will lunch at the Harborside Restaurant, a one block walk from the Cobia. In the afternoon we will tour the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.

            Our banquet will be held in the Riverside Room at the museum over looking the Cobia and the Manitowoc River.

            The third day has an optional visit to experience real Wisconsin agriculture at the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center. You can either drive or use the hotel transportation to get to the Center.



            Holiday Inn Manitowoc . See agenda sheet for details.

Because some people may want breakfast included in the room rate, a room can be reserved under the two different rates. The rates are good for 3 days before and after reunion.

$110.00 single/double breakfast on your own

            $120.00 single/$130.00 double for plated/hot breakfast


Weather Typical highs will be in low 60s and lows in the 50s. Fall colors should be in full display.



            Take the time to look at Manitowoc and Wisconsin web sites. If you want to spend a couple of extra days. there is a lot to do in the area. With the fall colors it is a perfect time to look around. Information and links are on the Sea Poacher web site.


            We still have some work to do relating to finalizing the package cost.  The April newsletter will have final details.


            As part of the registration process, a meal selection will be required. There will be a choice of a meat dish, chicken dish and Fish dish. We are still fussing with the menu. It will be in the April newsletter.


Mail registration to:


Bill Brinkman


3043 Alton Pl


Round Rock, TX  78665-2110





Travel Note: The AMTRAK web site shows service from Chicago to Manitowoc. Be advised that the actual train only goes to Milwaukee and passengers are transferred to a bus to get to Manitowoc.










Draft 1/18/19







2019 Sea Poacher/Sea Owl/Sea Robin Reunion


Manitowoc Wisconsin


September 25


September 26


September 27


September 28




















Breakfast at Hotel


Breakfast at Hotel


Breakfast at Hotel










 Hospitality Room


Historic Tour Manitowoc


Busines Meeting




Holiday Inn










Rosie the Riviter


Hospitality Room






Bus at Hotel 9:00 AM






begins 10 AM


Depart 9:30 AM


USS Cobia


Farm Wisconsin




Lunch  11:30 AM


10:00am - 12:00pm


Discovery Center




Lighthouse Inn at the


Welcome Aboard


Depart 10:00am






Tolling of the Bell






Depart Inn 1:30 PM


Memorial Flowers


Plan on 2 hours






Taps/Cobia Salute


to tour Center.


Pizza Welcome


Roger's Street Fishing


Engine Start








Tour of Cobia




6:30 PM


Arrive back at hotel
















Dinner on own








Transportation available


Harborside Restaurant






from hotel










Museum Tour
























Return to Hotel
















Depart Hotel




































































Package Cost $240 for base or $260 which includes the optional Farm Discovery Center. Package includes the hospitality room, registration, pizza dinner, banquet, banquet speaker, flowers, engine start, the two tours and lunch on Thursday, and lunch and museum tour on Friday. The optional Discovery Center tour is $20. You can drive yourself or use the hotel shuttle..      Hotel is the Holiday Inn Manitowoc, 4601 Calumet Ave, Manitowoc, WI 54220  phone 529-682-6000. Mention Sea Poacher/Sea Owl/Sea Robin Reunion to get rate. Hotel is 3 miles from Museum. It is a full service hotel which includes a large dining area,























































                                     Getting to Manitowoc Wisconsin by Air


Flying to and from the General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) in Milwaukee appears to be the best option by air. After arrival you can either rent a car or reserve a ride on the ride share shuttle operated by Go Riteway.


The ride share shuttle service has a web site that one would make a reservation. The shuttle which can accommodate up to 10 passengers, will meet you at the Go Riteway booth at baggage claim and drop you off at the Holiday Inn Manitowoc. It will pick up anyone with reservations within a short time span who are heading towards Manitowoc and then depart. The shuttle may make some stops before reaching the hotel. Allow 1 hours travel time.


A reservation for two is $92 which includes all taxes and driver gratuity. If there are no other reunion folks on the shuttle, you may be sharing the shuttle with others going in the same direction.


A reservation may be cancelled up to 24 hours before scheduled departure. A $5 service fee will be charged. No refund  if cancellation is less then 24 hours.


A reservation can be made for 1 or more people. The cost per reservation (as of 1/17/19) is follows.

2 people = $92.    4 people = $117     6 people = $155   8 people - $193.


Reserving a shuttle with other reunion attendees can significantly  reduce the cost. Shipmates desiring to try the ride sharing can contact Bill Brinkman 512-255-0285 or at seapoacher@att.net and provide him with your Milwaukee flight and arrival time. If he sees  shipmates coming in at close intervals he will let them know so they can set up a ride share reservation. 


It will be much easier to set up ride sharing for the return trip since we will all be together. The ride sharing reservation should be made as early as possible.


Make your flight and ride share reservations as early as possible.


The other option by air is to fly into Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) in Green Bay Wisconsin. Either rent a car or take a cab to hotel. Cab/Uber fare $80 +gratuity. Only airlines from 4 cities in the US service this airport. They are Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis. Each city has a number of airlines and flights.








Manitowoc Reunion Side Trips


Submarine side trip

If you want to spend more time on the water here is an adventure


Take the ferry Badger out of Manitowoc on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon across Lake Michigan to Ludington, Michigan. It is a 4 hour trip. Spend the night in Ludington. Next morning drive south to Muskegon, Michigan and visit the Submarine Silversides and the museum. Then take the Lake Express car ferry across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee.  This is a 2 hour trip. Schedules and fares are on the respective web sites.




In and around Manitowoc/Two Rivers


West of the Lake Gardens

Rahr-West Museum and Mansion

Pinecrest Historical Village

Historic Washington House

Hamilton Wood Type Museum & Printing Museum  

Henry Schuette Park


LondonDairy Alpacas


Longer Get Aways


14 Must-Visit Harbor Towns in Wisconsin


Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame